The British Library

The British Library

One of the most prized collections of books, manuscripts, and maps, The British Library houses over 100,000 volumes of books, newspapers, and periodicals. Being the largest library in London, educationists and researchers from all over the world visit this library annually to delve into the amazing world of arts, science, and literature.

  • The entrance
Displayed on a high plinth right outside the British Library, a large bronze sculpture of Sir Issac Newton awaits you. The statue shows the late genius sitting on a ledge with a pair of compasses as per William Blake's portrayal. 

  • Reading rooms
Once getting yourself registered at the British Library, you will be able to access its reading rooms. These rooms are located on the three floors of the building and are each dedicated to a particular subject matter. Head over to the first floor if you are into humanities, music, and social sciences. Second floor if you want to spend some time exploring the various manuscripts and the third one if you are into maps and Asian African studies.

  • Requesting items
The British Library also allows you to request items get delivered beforehand. You can request up to 10 manuscripts per day, but the books need to be returned before 4:30 every day!

  • Treasures at The British Library 
The treasures of The British Library are displayed admirably at the John Ritblat gallery situated on the underground floor. Housing over 150 million items of some of the most exciting manuscripts, books, newspapers, and journals, these treasures are ab absolute-must for all you book lovers out there. Explore over 3000 years of arts, religion, history, and music with works like:
  • Two of the four copies of Magna Carta
  • The Gutenberg Bible of 1455
  • Michelangelo's letters
  • Captain Scott's diary
  • Milton's contract for Paradise Lost
  • Originals from Dickens and Shakespeare's first folio

  • Cafes and bookshops
Sit back and enjoy a nice steaming cup of tea at one of the library's cafes or buy souvenirs for your loved ones at the library's very own bookshop, for this library has got it all! 

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